Saturday, January 12, 2013


                                         SLC FASHION SHOW

                                  Designs by Ms Sondra Andel and Serina Lacava 

                                     Hosted by Anrol Anthony and Steve101 McCullough owners of

                                   CWS !SIMPLY THE BEST!


                  Today was another fantastic show, some wonderful designs and top SL models walking out showing you how it's done. Describing the outfits that were shown would not do them justice. If you click on the names of the designers you can visit the shop.
Take a look at some of the designs that were worn and please visit the shop;

THE Models Tiffany Celestalis, Lisana Rossen, Vicky Yongbo, Janet Brink, Sidney Abbot, Ladysunfire Erin, Liberty Lighthouse, Ania Lennie, Summitt Beaumont, LiLimp, Timberlynn, Frayar, and Laylay Lecker the Center of Attraction of the show.

 Serina Lacava is a womenswear fashion designer in RL,and she tried to maintain her design philosophy here as creating real life looking clothes,specialized in dresses with prints and a wide selection of different fabric qualities. The designs you are about to see here this afternoon showcase the versatility of  Ms  Serina Lacava One of the greatest designers in SecondLife  and Ms Sondra Andel who is a  frachise owner of SLC and I'm proud to present them here in our venue -- Classic W/ Style Corporation We are Simply the Best.

These designs that were worn today are for the mothers of SL, when your baby is growing inside you and you feel stretched, visit the shop and let your self breathe.
The designs;
Sexy XXL Mamas Babydoll
SexyXXL Mamas Dress Martina
Sexy Mamas Evening Gown Sereena
 Cocktail Dress Nina Red
 Mesh Winter Outfit
 Mesh Bubble Dress Knit
Mesh Dress Snowflake
 Mesh Large Bust Mini Dress
Mesh sexy lace dress
 Couture Gown Lela
 Couture Gown Grand Madame
Couture Gown Starlight
 Bridal Gown
Before, during and after this is the place to shop for the 'Mommy' in you.